The Dream

"Have you ever put everything you had into a single dream, a goal: physically, emotionally and mentally? I did. And I mean, everything.”

The experience begins as tragedies had befallen a family to a point of despair, including untimely grandparent deaths, a drowning, a death from a debilitating disease, suicide, eye surgeries, and the death of a beloved family Beagle by gunshot, to name a few. This was enough to ignite a young boy of not quite 12, the grandson of southwest West Virginia coal miners, to the point of rage. A passion had been born to lift himself and his family above the tragedies to a better life; he set his sights on the NFL, with dreams anew. He dedicated everything he had, his life, to this goal.

Through his efforts in practice, games, lifting and running, the NFL came. Some top professional agents of the day were also swooning the now 300+ pound 22-year old, and top ranked offensive lineman, with the hope of professional football now in sight. From a student who had fallen behind, to a collegiate walk-on, to an NFL prospect.


A Story of Change and Hope

However, none of this was meant to happen. His dreams and ambitions were going to be dashed and the immense joy would soon turn to sorrow, desperation, and hopelessness. Things unraveled quickly.

At the precipice of attaining his goal, everything changed.



Tim Christian was led to tell his story in Behaviors of Change, where he shares a discovery of personal self awareness that anyone can apply, methods of hope-driven leadership and discipline, humility, your own divine gifts, and permanent change.