Turning Failure into Hope Through Sustainable Life Strategies

The Book

In 1993, the culmination of a lifelong dream to play pro football was well within Tim’s reach. But then, a convergence of events changed Tim’s course dramatically and his dream was squandered, resulting in depression and failure. What happened next was a miraculous, immediate transformation, a change in behavior that converted Tim’s life from despair to hope. A spiritual awakening had enabled a physical transformation, a one hundred-plus pound weight loss, in about 10 weeks. But the physical transformation on the surface provided only a glimpse of the spiritual and mental transformation Tim underwent on the inside over the last 20+ years.


Life change takes an idea or dream, a decison to move, the necessary discipline, and perseverance. It takes a strategy. Find out about how you can acheive permanent, lasting change today!

Ordering the Book

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